40K for the CEWHA

What if you couldn’t do any, and knew that no matte r what you did to train, you would never be able to muster the strength for a single one? I have the good fortune to know and be inspired by a group of amazing athletes who play hockey each week, yet, for the majority or our players, a push-up is beyond possibility.


At Get Active Now® we have many intiatives that we are leading or are involved in including the Ontario Trails Strategy, Ontario Inclusion Strategy, Trails for Life, Canada Games Days and more.

June is Recreation and Parks Month

Join the fun in celebrating the benefits and values of recreation in everyday life. June is Recreation and Parks Month - an exciting way to increase awareness of the value and important benefits of recreation and parks to individuals, families and communites. Get Active Now is one of the supporters of this event. An opportunity to celebrate the success of recreation and parks in contributing to the quality of life in Ontario. The theme, "Live it everyday", expresses the need to embrace and participate in recreation and parks programs, services and facilities - everyday! Visit http://www.recandparksmonth.ca/index.cfm for more details! Get Active Now is one of the supporters of this great month.

Know Before You Go

Thank you to all who attended our Trails for Life Workshops “Know before you Go” in partnership with Parks and Recreation Ontario, and supported by the Ministry of Health Promotion and the Ontario Trails Council. We held 4 workshops in Kingston, Timmins, North Bay and Windsor with tremendous success. The agenda included: Overview of Get Active Now Overview of AODA Overview of Trails for All Collaborative Overview of Ontario Trails Strategy Presentation of Know Before You Go Initiative If people are interested in having a workshop within their community, they can contact Get Active Now at info@getactivenow.ca You can download the Know Before You Go presentation below. If you would like electronic copies of the other presentations that were delivered during the workshop, please contact us at info@getactivenow.ca and we can send them to you. They are also available via LIN at www.lin.ca Finally the posters that were shown are now available to download in our resource section or you can contact us to purchase them with your organization logo on them. You can also download the bookmark from our resource section, or contact us about purchasing them. Again we would like to thank the Ministry of Health Promotion Ontario Trails Strategy “Trails for Life Program” for their support in this initiative.

Get Active Now Kitchener-Waterloo

We will increase our capacity to provide practical tools, information and build awareness of disability issues in KW. With this grant, we will be able to grow our tremendously successful Adapted Equipment Loan program, partnering with locals school boards and municipalities to develop specialized Equipment Bags for children and youth as well as focus group research on future development of Equipment Bags for seniors and an Aquatics Bag. Finally, with the support of The Kitchener and Waterloo Community Foundation we will develop new awareness posters that will improve understanding of disability issues.

Engaging Communities to Get Active Now

The focus of this intiative is to engage persons with a disability within the the four regions of Ontario to Get Active Now. We know that services for persons with a disability particulary Seniors and First Nations are limited. This intiative will give those working with persons with a disability an opportunity to include them in acitivities within their community with tools that have been designed to the uniqueness of thieir community. We hope that by bringing together experts in the field to discuss the importance of creating a community resource around inclusion for professionals, volunteers, etc that work at a municipal, community, non-profits or within camps we will be able to get the whole community to Get Active Now.