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What if you couldn’t do any, and knew that no matte r what you did to train, you would never be able to muster the strength for a single one? I have the good fortune to know and be inspired by a group of amazing athletes who play hockey each week, yet, for the majority or our players, a push-up is beyond possibility.


We are committed to making a difference in the lives of Ontarians with a disability, and their communities, by promoting healthy active living through Get Active Now®. We offer a one-stop source for facts on active living, practical resources, programs in your community and "how to" materials that enable individuals with disabilities, families, caregivers and professionals to access information. Visit the Resource Section of our website or call 1-800-311-9565 for more information.

What Services does Get Active Now offer?


  • Over the past year over 100,000 hits have been recorded at www.getactivenow.ca were you can access over 10,000 inclusive activities including camps, trails and local programs within your community.
  • Just over 100 organizations throughout Ontario have borrowed our equipment bags as part of the Get Active Now Equipment Loan Program, (currently 9 bags in circulation) and most recently 25 bags have been sold to a variety of organizations including: schools (St. Mary’s), children centres (ErinOak) and municipalities (Ajax). The Program currently has bags for children, youth and seniors where you can borrow our equipment and use our detailed resources to encourage people to actively participate.
  • One of most popular resources is the Inclusion Workshops, which are design to encourage people to include persons with a disability and provide awareness. Some of these presentations have included: municipalities (Ajax, Toronto), colleges (Mohawk, Cambrian), universities (Ottawa, Toronto), schools, camps (Kintail), private sector (Good Life Fitness Clubs) and non-profits (Extend a Family).
  • We offer a variety of inclusion resource materials (for free or to purchase) geared towards the disability community including: Get Active Now Tools; Inclusion Resources; Activity Fact Sheets; Books; such as Leisure, Integration and Community (2nd Edition); Get Active Now Equipment Bag;
  • Media resources including: posters, (currently 25 in the series), public service announcements, articles (Canada Camps and Abilities Magazine).

What is the Adapted Equipment Loan Program?

Get Active Now provides adapted equipment FREE of charge for a 2 to 4 week loan period.

Each bag contains over 65 pieces of equipment and comes with an equipment manual, games ideas and disability fact sheets.

Currently we have bags for children and youth .

Recently we have obtain funding to start development on seniors, aquatics and first nations bags

Adapted Equipment Loan Program is used to encourage individuals to actively participate in programs, no matter what their level of ability. Our bags are sent to anyone in the province of Ontario, including children’s centres, schools, community centres and camps

Contact us today at info@getactivenow.ca to book a bag for a 2 or 4 week loan period.